Italian Airlines

Flying to Italy any time soon?

You might, of course, think of flying with Alitalia, the largest airline in Italy. After all, Alitalia leads its nation in domestic flights throughout Italy, and carries a lion’s share of international flights heading out of or flying into Italy.

But a wide range of other airlines are also based in Italy – many of which can be found here , and this knowledge can expand your travel options. Shopping their websites could provide you with unexpected deals.

Alitalia–a combination of the Italian words “ali,” or “wings,” and “Italia,” or Italy, a former national carrier, was reborn from bankruptcy by a group of private investors in 2008. The official relaunching of the airline happened in 2009.

Alitalia flies under its own name, and also owns the following subsidiaries: Air One, with departures from Milan; Air One CityLiner, out of Rome; C.A.I. First (formerly known as Alitalia Express), leaving from Rome; and CAI Second (formerly known as Volare Airlines), leaving from Milan. Meridiana Fly was acquired by Alitalia in a merger deal in 2011; this enables Alitalia to serve as the key charter operator in Italy, and allows further presence within Europe at large. This line leaves from Olbia.

Four continents and multiple destinations are served by Alitalia air routes. Air One is Alitalia’s low-fare airline, and serves the short-haul routes intended for those on holiday.
The Holy Father flies on a chartered Alitalia jet, dubbed “Shepherd One.”

Alitalia benefits provided to travellers include VIP launches, fast check-in, and in-flight services of food, drink, and entertainment.
Other Italian airlines providing flight service include Blu Express, Blue Panorama’s low-cost brand, with routes to Libya, Pantelleria, France and Austria, with departures from Fiumicino.
EVolaVia, with routes from Russia and France, leaves from Ancona.

Wind Jet, with routes to Greece, France, Russia, Romania, Zakynthos, and Spain, departs from Catania.

Air Dolomiti is part of the Lufthansa Regional service, and flies out of Verona.

Lufthansa Italia proper flies out of Milan.

Air Italy flies out of Milan; Air Vallée flies out of Rimini; Alidaunia flies out of Foggia.

Blue Panorama flies from Milan; Eagles Airlines from Venice; ElbaFly from Elba; Evolavia from Ancona; FlyOristano from, not surprisingly, Oristano.

ItAli Airlines flies out of Pescara.

Link Air Express also offers service out of Milan; MiniLiner has service out of Orio al Serio; and Mistral Air flies out of Rome.

Neos has service from Milan; Skybridge AirOps flies out of Rome; Trawel Fly leaves from Orio al Serio.